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The truth is, if you don't know how your gut is supposed to function... you aren't going to be able to recognize how or why or when things are going wrong...much less figure out what first step to take to begin healing.


There is both a science and an art to treating GI dysfunction...and it takes a lot of learning and understanding of your own body to be able to master that...and therefore master your GI symptoms and take back control of your life.


How would you like a step-by-step training of a healthy gut is supposed to look like, how to recognize where things have gone wrong...and how to fix it? Complete with recipes, shopping lists, live laser coaching sessions with me, and guided handouts and worksheets to walk you through the process of beginning YOUR gut healing journey?


I've got something special for you--the absolute best way I know how to take a "deep dive" into your gut health and truly gain control of your symptoms so you can get out there and do all those things you love to do with the people you love to surround yourself with. 

About Katie

Katie Lovitt is a registered and licensed dietitian with advanced training in integrative and functional nutrition. Katie has a passion for empowering her clients to use food to nourish their wondrously unique bodies so that they might not just live their lives, but that they thrive. She does this by investigating the root causes of their disease and dysfunction, and coming alongside her clients to create and implement a plan that corrects these imbalances--giving her clients confidence, clarity, and long-term results!