Nutrition Consultations

I believe strongly in the evidence-based functional medicine approach, which looks at the body as a system and focuses on the underlying root cause of disease and dysfunction. This approach works to resolve imbalances in the body that can have a systemic impact rather than simply addressing individual symptoms or ailments. I understand and respect each person's biochemical individuality based on their unique biological and physiological makeup, which is comprised of how their genes interact with lifestyle and environmental factors.

The changes I recommend for my clients take time to put into action, adjust to, and then see the full positive effect. For that reason, it is best for my clients to work with me for several months, in most cases. Continue reading to learn about what to expect, what you get, and pricing.

What to Expect

Our initial time spent together is an opportunity for me to understand your story - your medical history, your diet, your lifestyle, your goals and your concerns, any disordered eating habits, and assessment of your readiness to change any activity that may be contributing to imbalance and keeping you from achieving optimal wellness. Initial consultations are 75 minutes long.

Follow-up consultations are intended to answer any questions you have, monitor and evaluate your progress, work together to adjust goals as necessary, and also to provide nutrition education and additional recommendations as needed. It is my goal for clients to leave follow-up appointments empowered and excited about continuing on their journey to optimal health. Follow-up consultations are 45 minutes long.


At the end of each consultation, you will have:

  •  An action plan of next steps that will help you on your path to wellness.

  • A clear set of goals to focus on before our next session together. Clients are always key in setting these goals - going back to the functional nutrition principle of a patient-centered practice.

  • Foods to include in your diet, and foods to remove from your diet in order to allow your body to heal.

  • Recipes that help you to make the dietary recommendations a part of your life.

  • Lab or supplement recommendations to aid us in allowing your body to heal.

  • Lifestyle modification recommendations to increase the effects of other interventions- stress management, exercise, meditation, etc.

  • Access to Katie via messages in the Healthie app. Log your feed, physical activity, track goals, and ask those "can't wait" questions between sessions!

Allowing our bodies to heal is a process. Therefore, my clients see the best results when we are able to work together for at least 3 months. Because I am dedicated to providing my clients with the best care possible, I ask that anyone interested in working with me schedules a free Nourished Clarity Call before working with me to ensure that we are a good fit for each other. Click the link below to schedule this complimentary call and to ask any questions you have!