1:1 Coaching

You are unique! And so should be your approach to healing your gut. Gut Rehab is my 1:1 work with clients. It is highly personalized and super comprehensive to get you feeling better as quickly and completely as possible.

My time-tested approach has helped hundreds of people like yourself. You've tried everything under the sun - elimination diets, medication, standing on your head while weaving a basket (joking... kind of) - to gain freedom from your gut issues, and have nothing to show for it other than time and money spent on things that don't produce results.

If this is you, it's time to get serious, and take action to get better. Your health is worth it, and there are solutions to your problems - and I know what they are! How do I work?

Connect The Dots

I look at your whole story, from beginning to end, and connect dots. I notice the details that others have skimmed over. Our bodies are systems of systems, and your symptoms tell a story about what has gone awry.

Make a Game Plan


This is your story, and you are a partner in making a plan to get your gut rehabbed. I use my scientific training and clinical experience, while you bring your intricate knowledge of yourself to the table - and we come up with a personalized plan unique to your goals in our work together.

Rehab Your Gut


This is the meat and potatoes of our work together! We implement the game plan we created *together*, breaking it down into pieces that get you excited and motivated to move forward, and making adjustments as needed. Through this gut rehab, we focus on nutrition, environmental, and lifestyle factors that need to be adjusted to get you feeling your best.

Do A Happy Dance!


Once your gut starts healing, you'll feel better than you have felt in years. So good, you might just have to get up and do a happy dance - or several!