Almond Pulp Hummus

I am currently sitting on a plane flying to Florida for my Beautycounter team leaders retreat, and I am SO looking forward to connecting with some of the most inspiring women I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, unplugging from the busyness of daily life, and intentionally setting my trajectory for the year for my work with Beautycounter.

In case you haven’t heard of Beautycounter, I want to share some information about this amazing company that I am so fortunate to be a part of. You see, personal care products in the US are largely unregulated (the last major update to regulations was in 1938!) — science has shown that we actually absorb the chemicals and products we put onto our skin, and they impact our health — and many (most) products on shelves currently have toxins, hormone disrupters, and carcinogens in them. Beautycounter is on a mission to change all of that through advocating for updated regulations, formulating their own safer products (browse here!), and educating consumers about this issue, because when we know better, we can do better. Click here to read more about this incredible company and their mission! Want to learn more? Reach out through a comment below, or send me a message by clicking here and we can talk about the best way for you to get involved.

Earlier this week, I went Live on <my Facebook page> and made homemade almond milk with my Hurom juicer. Why make homemade? Consistent with other homemade food - homemade nut milks actually taste like the nuts they’re made with (no more water with vanilla flavoring taste), are creamier, less expensive, and don’t contain additives such as coloring and gums, which can be harmful to your digestive tract. To watch the how-to, and learn more about the benefits of homemade nut milk, click here.

Another reason I love making homemade nut milk, is that after the milk is made, you have the pulp left over which you can also use for cooking or baking! This week, I made a hummus with the almond pulp, and it was delicious and came together super quickly. Keep scrolling for the recipe!

Garlic + Paprika Almond Pulp Hummus


2 cloves garlic*

1/3C tahini

1 1/2 tsp paprika

1 tsp salt

1/4C olive oil

1C freshly made almond pulp

In a high speed blender, combine the garlic, tahini, paprika, salt, and olive oil. Add in the almond pulp and combine until well-incorporated. Garnish with a dash of paprika and chives. Serve with veggies of choice - my family loved radishes, bell peppers, celery, and carrots with this dip. Enjoy!

* If you are on a low FODMAP diet, or cannot tolerate garlic, garlic oil is a great substitute to still give you the garlic flavor without upsetting your stomach. You can purchase garlic oil at the store, or simply sauté some garlic in your oil of choice, strain off the solids, and use the oil.