Dare to Dream

This past year has been... a times one that we can't get off of, no matter how desperately we may want to! So many things have felt out of our control, and everyone has responded differently and at different times. From talking with different friends and family members, clients, and colleagues, one phase of trying to come to grips with everything that has happened is a phase of inactivity. Most of the time, the root driver of this inactivity is fear. Fear of the unknown, fear that if you dare to step one foot forward, you will be sent flying 85 steps backward. So why try? Just. Keep. Surviving. I get it - it's an easy and almost comforting mindset to adapt at a time when the world feels so uncertain and on edge. But maintaining control over what little we are able to hold in our hands by grasping tightly doesn't allow us to grow. The fact is - the current state of our world is kind of a crazy one. But we are all still so fortunate, and have so much to be grateful for. And so much to hope for and dream about.

Many times, when setting goals either around the new year or just in general... they are bound to practicality. We don't let ourselves think *too* big, or expect too much. It is very important to set realistic goals - and even more important to break those goals down into steps and results. But do you ever just allow yourself to sit back and dream? Maybe like you did when you were a child and you dreamt of being an astronaut. You didn't think through all the ways that it wouldn't be able to become an astronaut--you were too busy being swept away with the delight of the dream of one day flying to the moon. As adults, we become jaded. Our sense of romanticism moves aside to make room for the practical obligations of life. But what would happen if you allowed yourself to dream a little more often? And then...tie those dreams to actions. Imagine what you could accomplish for just a moment!

When thinking on your health this year...I DARE you to DREAM BIG. Close your eyes for a few minutes, and think about something happening with your health that makes you feel like you truly could fly to the moon. Don't think about the how or the why not. Just dream. Reflect on the dream for a few days - make it even bigger and bolder! Then, when it is a dream that truly makes you feel excited, and not before then, you plan. At that point, and only that point, you ask yourself what it would take to make it happen. Break it down into action steps - sometimes it's easier to start at the end of the process, and sometimes it's easier to start at the beginning. Not sure where to start? Reach out and let me know! I would love to share resources with you to help make your big dream a reality.

What are you dreaming of in terms of your health in the upcoming year? I would love for you to share your dreams with me!

In health,