The answer to a prayer

There is a mom out in the world who is desperately praying that someone who has the means will pay attention and take notice and help her family by giving them that voice. What if you were the person who had the means to give them that voice? Well, my friend, you just might be.

There are many moms praying for their families - but this particular mom is the mother of a child who is forced to mine for mica all day and into the night in order for their family to survive. Mica is used across multiple industries - automobile paint, electronics, and the beauty industry. It shows up in products as that shimmery look in eyeshadows, blush, and lipgloss. And the company that I am so proud to partner with, Beautycounter, is giving a voice to that mom. Watch the video below to hear me share more insight into this issue:

I am so incredibly proud to be a part of this mica journey - a journey to improve the lives of many, from a very simple individual action, because there is a whole community coming together to protect these vulnerable people and give them a voice. Want to join this community? Simple! Follow these steps:

1. Watch the full length documentary so that you have eyes wide open about what exactly is going on, and what Beautycounter is working to find a solution to. When we know better, we do better.

2. Shop with brands who are working to eradicate child labor - including Beautycounter. Shop at

3. Text MICA to 52886 to ask our government leaders to act on this issue.

Have questions about this mica journey? Let me know! I would be happy to answer them for you, and welcome you as you join this journey with us.