Functional Labs

Functional labs and biomarkers are clues that our bodies give us to tell us what is going on inside that we can’t see. These biomarkers may include things such as markers for inflammation, lipid imbalances, nutritional deficiency, GI and microbial health, and system imbalances (i.e. thyroid, adrenal health). 


We work with your doctors to retrieve labs already drawn and, when necessary, may recommend additional testing. Lab testing is never required, but may be recommended at your initial consult; results will be reviewed with clients at a follow-up appointment.

Learn more about several tests we routinely perform by clicking the links below:


Genetic Testing

Understand the link between your genetics and nutrition


Micronutrient Deficiency Testing

Optimal health begins with optimal nutrition

Scientist in the Lab

Food Sensitivities

Discover how sensitivities to foods may be affecting your symptoms and health

Mucosa layer of the large intestine with

Gut Health Testing

Many chronic illnesses begin with gut imbalances

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