Hearing about my clients' successes and transformations through our work together brings me the greatest joy. I would love for you to share in that joy by reading some of their success stories! 

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All I seemed to talk about was my health issues...

I thought I knew all the in's and out's of what to eat, because I've spend the better part of my life on some kind of diet. But my heath was a mess.  I had digestive issues including acid reflux and pain in my upper stomach, and I felt bloated after eating even a small amount of food and got heartburn just by drinking water.  I had some kidney problems, and I was also overweight, which has been a constant battle for me for many years.  I have been on every diet there is, but nothing seemed to help me lose the weight. I was so tired of feeling bad all the time.  I had no energy and didn't feel up to doing many things. All I wanted to do after work was go home and crash, even on the weekends.  All I could see for my future for myself was gaining more weight and feeling worse.  I have grandkids who play sports and are very active, and I didn't feel like going to watch them play or even spend quality time with them.  I also felt guilty about sitting around doing nothing every time my husband walked in the house—it got to where it seemed like all we had to talk about was my health issues.


After spending so much time and money on tests from my doctor for all my stomach issues and kidney problems and being prescribed medication I didn't want to take, I knew it was time for a radical change in my eating habits. I knew I needed help...and I knew I needed a dietitian to teach me what I should and should not be eating. That's when I found Katie....the very first time I talked to Katie on the phone (before actually deciding to sign up), she told me how important my gut health is, not only with digestive issues and weight, but also my mental state.  She talked about eating nourishing foods that feed the cells in my body verses processed, unhealthy junk food that doesn’t do anything to help my body to function.  Everything we talked about that day just opened my eyes to making healthy choices and it all “clicked”.  I knew my sessions with Katie would be well worth the money.  It's so obvious that Katie is well educated in the area of nutrition, and she knows how to help with your specific health needs.  She has access to personal meals designed specifically for you.  She gives valuable information regarding foods you should eat.  She is so easy to talk to and truly concerned about helping you feel better and healthy.


That's when I signed up!


After starting my sessions with Katie, I have completely changed my eating habits.  I stick to eating natural foods that nourish the cells in my body. I drink more water than I ever have.  I do not drink cola drinks of any kind, which I had really struggled with before. Making these changes in my eating habits have helped me to feel so much better. I don't spend the day munching on junk food like before. I honestly do not want it or even think about it. I don’t feel deprived like I have on diets in the past, because this is truly a lifelong lifestyle change. I actually have to make myself stop to eat when I'm hungry - my life doesn’t revolve around food anymore. I have no more digestive all! I feel better mentally and have a better sense of well-being.  Not only that, I have lost 10 lbs. and really don’t feel like I have struggled to try to lose the weight as I have in the past.  I've heard other people say that they lost weight without struggling, but never thought I'd hear myself say it. 


Because I have so much more energy since working with Katie, I don't spend my off time just sitting or lying around. I'm up moving and enjoying doing things that I've put off at home.  I have a much better attitude, and I'm sure when I have more lab tests done, there will be a big improvement. I highly recommend Katie's services.  I have made changes in my eating habits that will last a lifetime.  It's such a great feeling to just FEEL HEALTHY, happy and inspired.  Thank you, Katie!!



I thought I would just have to live like this

I could go on and on about Katie. She truly is a life saver. She has taken the time to really listen to what I have been going through and has developed a plan to work on diet, exercise, supplements. Before working with Katie, I was very frustrated. I had been going from doctor to doctor still didn’t feel like I was making any progress in figuring out what my problem was or how to deal with it and move past it. I was feeling pretty lost and hopeless when it came to my symptoms. I was beginning to reach the point where I thought I would just have to live with this. This realization was causing me to become depressed, fatigued, have no energy, and just really didn’t want to do much of anything. I was stuck trying to find out what I could eat that wouldn't give me grief and make my GI symptoms worse. I knew I needed help with my diet to determine what was causing problems and what I could eat that wouldn’t make my symptoms worse. 


Working with Katie was an investment of my time and money, but since nothing else that I had tried had worked, I was ready to take a leap of faith and hope that Katie would be able to be of assistance. The healing process has been slow, but I am beginning to see some changes in my digestion, and my energy level is increasing.  I am starting to learn what foods trigger my symptoms and how to handle my symptoms if they get exacerbated. Katie has been a life saver in taking the time to devote to this journey with me.  She really listens and comes up with different avenues to try with diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes.  


I would definitely recommend Katie’s services because I know if she has been able to help me, she can and will help others.  My best advice to others is to not give up.  I was at the end of my rope and was about ready to just deal with my symptoms for the rest of my life.  I now have the tools in my tool box so to speak that will help me so that if my symptoms flare up from eating foods that trigger them, I am able to manage them easily.  This gives me so much freedom that I didn’t have before!!


I have gained security and stability through my work with Katie

Before I started working with Katie, I was tired and frustrated with long term GI issues, and didn’t know which diet to try or to stick with, what all my options were, and if or what types of diagnostic tests may be able to reveal what was causing my symptoms.  I knew I needed help because my issues were interfering with my daily life, and I had no idea where to start to find relief. Before beginning work with Katie, I was a little hesitant because I always felt like my symptoms were vague, and I have limited knowledge in this area to be able to explain my symptoms or what I felt like was happening. That was frightening for me because I wasn’t sure that anybody would be able to figure out the root cause of my symptoms.  


I was always worried about how the foods I ate would affect my body, and whether I would have any symptoms throughout the day.  I worried about getting out of the house and felt uncertain as to how my stomach would feel after eating. I didn’t feel as if I could even eat at family gatherings or when venturing further than a certain distance from home because of my symptoms, and I had a distended abdomen every evening from foods eaten that day.   


Katie is extremely patient and willing to explain things slowly and in relatable terms to help me understand what she is teaching me.  It is obvious that she is very knowledgable in her field and she readily has explanations for her recommendations. It made me feel really comfortable that she not only understood what was causing my symptoms, but also took the time to explain and make sure I understood what was happening.


Since working with Katie, my symptoms have subsided and the bloating is not an issue at all anymore if Katie’s specific recommendations are followed. I am learning not to worry as much about venturing outside my comfort zone from home over GI symptom worries, and I have gained security and stability in learning what foods are not offensive to my system. I have learned that a certain diet modifications will control my symptoms and this is extremely comforting to feel as if I have gained some control over my GI symptoms instead of feeling as if my symptoms are controlling me.  


I like to learn about things that can help make my quality of life better.  Katie gives many resources that go further in depth and expand on the base information she shares on causes and remedies for my GI problems.  She has a very positive attitude, is patient, and always makes me feel she would rather spend a little bit more time with me and make sure that I understand what I need to know instead of rushing me through our sessions and leaving me uncertain about what I need to understand. I would definitely recommend Katie’s services to others- I even felt such a difference in the beginning step of our treatment plan. I am so happy to have found Katie and learned that my condition and symptoms are manageable.  


I have lived my whole life on a diet...

I have lived my whole life being on a diet, eating sugar-free foods, and low-fat foods while constantly being over weight. Katie totally shifted the way I think about food, and I feel so much better physically and mentally. Katie always makes me feel good about myself and have hope that we can achieve our goals. Before I started working with Katie, I just didn’t feel good. I felt bloated and uncomfortable. I felt tired, couldn’t sleep well, and my blood sugar was high. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t look good either. I was having trouble doing any activities that I enjoyed doing before. I couldn’t hike, ride my bike or do exercise with being out of breath. I couldn’t keep up with my older sisters who are very active. 


I had already been to a nutritionist and Weight Watchers in my town. They were very canned programs that didn’t help me and  made my problems worse. I was very frustrated when I reached out to Katie. I emailed her to see if she could work long distance with me. When I talked to her on my 1st conference call I almost cried because her plan for me fit what I needed and I knew that would have help. 


Since working with Katie, I feel much better, I have more energy, my blood sugar is lower and I am taking classes at a gym. Not only does Katie want you to feel better, she wants you to be healthy both inside and out. We talk about food, clean eating, exercise, stress relief toxic environmental produces and non-toxic make-up.  I can exercise more, I am calmer, and I have been eating much better while being more satisfied. 


Katie is always positive and cares about my whole health. She sends me comments to encourage me and tries to find ways for me to enjoy life instead of me feeling deprived or restricted. I would recommend Katie to anyone who struggles with a health problem or weight issue. She creates a very individualized plan that works for each person.